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We help brands tap into the vast potential of the offline market with our vast network of retail stores and data-driven approach aligned with ever changing market dynamics
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High Growth Brands That Trusts Us
Growing Together like Two Peas in a Skyrocketing Pod
  1. Deconstruct
  2. Paradyes
  3. The Tea Heaven
  4. SugarBoo Curls
  5. Rishta Foods
  6. Mother Nurture
Our Offerings
Making your Problems Disappear Faster than a Magician on Caffeine
  1. Smart Store Selection

    Our algorithms suggest retail stores where brand is most likely to succeed. These stores are selected based on a number of factors, including target audience, location of the store, and types of products that are already being sold there
  2. In-Store Promotions

    Once the stores have been identified, ofScale works with them to make sure the brand gets the maximum visibility inside the store. This includes everything from product placement to in-store promotions
  3. Distribution Service

    Distribution-as-a-service solution, leveraging our strong network of retail stores to help your brand reach it's target audience. ofScale provides a solution that allows brands to focus on their core activity
  4. Retail Insights

    By analyzing large sets of data, our platform offers a comprehensive view of consumer behavior, market trends, and competitive activity to help businesses make informed decisions about their brand strategy in offline market
Why ofScale
We're the Batman to your Robin. You get the Point

Cost Reduction

Think of offline scale without need of an in-house sales team at a much lower cost with ofScale

Control of Operations

Use our data analytics dashboard to monitor the sales, distribution, operations and demand metrics

Faster Time-to-Market

Use our established network of retail stores to reduce time it takes to get your products onto the shelves

Geography Expansion

Expand your brand's footprint to other geographies with zero extra effort
About Us
The Inside Scoop

ofScale is a distribution-as-a-service platform that enables digital first brands to take the first step into offline retail with ease

By using ofScale's infrastructure, brands can find the perfect product-channel fit in offline retail at the lowest cost and time possible. They can fine-tune their offerings without spending a lot of resources and eventually find a playbook for large scale offline launch
This journey helps brands avoid the usual mistakes of placing their stocks in irrelevant outlets, which wastes a lot of time, overhead cost, and capital that is stuck in retail shelves as inventory. The maldistribution of products is often irrecoverable and leads to the eventual death of the brand
ofScale's approach of establishing the product-channel fit and doing the zero-to-one journey in offline retail right makes sure brands get the right launchpad at the optimal cost and pace. Brands that achieve the product-channel fit in a select set of stores eventually scale the brand for a much larger retailer base
Meet The Team
Introducing Cast of Characters Behind the Magic
  1. PGDM, IIM Calcutta
    8 years in FMCG Sales Technology, Sales & Marketing. Led Marico's largest distribution expansion drive into rural India
  2. PGDM, IIM Bangalore
    6 years in Operations and Supply Chain. Recognized work at Maruti for optimizing cost and saving ~ $2Mn
  3. Ex: Razorpay,Trell,Bizongo
    10+ years in building Product & Tech , Built Multiple 0-1 Products
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